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Food Containers with Hinged Lid

Food Containers with Hinged Lid

Sell or Paddle your esculents conveniently; as we have to got you covered with our diverse styled and exclusively  materialled take-away containers. Out contours with a variety of configuration helps you to find you, perfect fit and that's not all, this is economical too. Hence, putting no burdens on your pocket.

Do you know why we say our Product "Special"?

As a supporter of green efforts, our company prefers Bio-Degradable plastic. While, still able to make them hinged and microwaveable for you.

Furthermore,  We "Care" about your health ?

Our Containers are an example of what a quality product should be like, in all aspects. It keeps your food healthy and hygienic, as your health is very important to us. So, stop using the Ordinary Styrofoam Containers, which desensitize and make your edibles unhygienic.

"Simply Try us because we are worth trying" 

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